How to Break into the Entertainment Industry Today: The 7-Point Plan

It’s the most common two-part question we’re asked.

How do I break into the entertainment industry?

… and where do I start?

If you have something to contribute, are professional, serious, relentless and smart, then here are seven tips we believe can help you break into the entertainment industry today.

Getting started is all up to you! 


Gather your tools. Your resume, bio, business card, website, social media, your personality and any product or service you’ve produced all need to be top quality!

No excuses.

These are your professional calling cards and keys to the industry.

If they’re not ready to present to A-listers—at any given moment, then refine and polish.


Create your Career List. Start with three basic questions: Who do I know already working in the business? Where do I want to work? Who do I want to work with?

Create a list with at least 20-50 company names. This is your chance DREAM BIG, so really go for it!

For help expanding your industry possibilities, reference the Entertainment Power Players Directory. This is a good media guide filled with thousands of listings that will help you think outside the box.


Start applying. Start applying online for industry jobs and training programs TODAY!

Don’t miss this important note!

Consider Step 3 one of your corner-pocket, career power moves.

…and if you want to be taken seriously by employers, recruiters and anyone currently working in the industry, you will act on Step 3 now.

The strategic logic is simple.

Applying online for industry jobs and internships  BEFORE you reach out to employers gives you a professional conversation point.

Telling a recruiter “I have already applied to xyz” sounds MUCH better than saying, “I don’t know where to start.”

Seriously, think about it.

One statement is a pure novice answer. The other shows your initiative, commitment and drive.

It shows you’re putting actions behind your dream. 

Step 3 is awesome sauce because NO ONE can stop you from applying for industry jobs in your area, nationwide or worldwide.


Register with industry staffing agencies TODAY!

You’ll be in prime position to find quality work quicker and start building valuable industry relationships.


Join professional industry organizations TODAY! Take the guesswork out of your next entertainment career move!! Whatever your interest, know that there is an professional trade organization that caters to that interest.

…so pick an association or organization (or two, or three,) and join. Challenge yourself to get active, not just let your membership expire as a side-line spectator.


Read industry trade publications TODAY! Stay current! Consider the trades one of your new best friends, your next advanced degree…all that.


Get a calendar. Fill your calendar with weekly, monthly and annual industry events to attend. Make sure you’re networking, in person, at least once a week.

STEP 7.1.

Keep building momentum. Repeat Steps 2 thru 6.

For professionals re-launching or repositioning yourself within the industry, the same networking rules apply.

The whole idea is to start today!

We hope our 7.1 Step Plan above for breaking into the entertainment industry helps you focus your energy and plan your next moves.

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