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"This is a resource we are happy to refer people to, and I think it's a very useful tool for entertainment media resources."

Karen Pedersen, Library Director at the Writers Guild Foundation Library

"Entertainment Power Players® does a lot of your homework for you. It is a strong source for people trying to make connections in the entertainment business."

Michelle Hord-White, VP of Talent Development and Pipeline Programs, NBCUniversal

"What a tremendous gift to newcomers to the industries and a refresher to veterans!"

Dr. Judi Moore Latta, Professor and Peabody Award-Winning Producer


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The next generation of Entertainment Power Players® is packed with features that turn this Directory from a nice-to-have into a must-have. If you already own an Entertainment Power Players®, then you' already know...and we thank you for your day one, first use.

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This Directory is made with you in mind...and with careful attention to detail, extensive and exhaustive research. Lightweight and manageable. Toss it into your backpack or display it on your desk. Designed to be a useful Collector's Edition. It’s definitely a work of art.

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Absolutely. Our sister site, Entertainment Career Center has you covered!

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Yes. Entertainment Power Players® is in print, online and on Tour.

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My motto is: "Greatness Gets Recognized!" We represent a team of industry visionaries on a mission.

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Here’s a quick roadmap of Entertainment Power Players®. Highlights milestones, future updates & Editions.

Spring 2017

Edition 6 Launch Preparation

May 2016

Final Draft Software signs on

October 2015

Samuel French Bookstore Sellout

Legendary entertainment industry bookstore on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, CA repeatedly keeps the Directory in stock.


Preview at Book Expo America, American Library Association, College & University Campuses


Official Launch with Kodak as Presenting Sponsor


Research and Development


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